about us

Take2-Afrika Media Ltd (T-TAM) is an independent film and television production company based in Nairobi, with a passion on producing high quality and positive documentary stories.

our mission:

Our mission is to address the positive African stories through documentary film-making . We intend to achieve through:

    Be a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be.
    Bring to the world a portfolio of quality African stories that motivates and improve them.
    Partners: Nurture a winning network of customers and suppliers, together we create mutual, enduring value.
    Profit: Maximize long-term return to partners while being mindful of our overall responsibilities.
    Creativity: Be a highly creative, effective, lean and fast-moving organization.
    Time and Budget: We take the shortest time in producing any story and work with a very competitive budget.

our vision:

To be the company that best understands, provides and satisfies the service requirements of our clients, to effectively tell African stories.

our philosophy:

Life is all about perception! Good or bad, are all perceptions.
The continent of Africa, has been perceived to be uncultured, poor, and most sick, among all the continents, despite the falsehood. Therefore, Africans must change our perception about ourselves, hence the world.
It is thus our goal and endeavor to undo these perceptions and provide the correct African stories that have long been hidden, or told through biased perceptions. Take2-Afrika Media Ltd focuses on demystifying the perceptions about Africa and her people.

our team:


Sue's Mantra: "All is well that ends well."


Moe's Mantra: "There is always a silver lining."


Ina's mantra "With the right attitude, everything is possible."

BRIAN "uncle b" KIDULA:

Uncle B's Mantra: "Faith is essential."


Lev's Mantra: "Simplicity is divine."


Lameck's Mantra: "together we built higher."

Our team consists of well-trained personnel with a wide range of experience, both locally and internationally. We work with young team of 25 years and below, with a purpose of keeping our ideas fresh and trendy. We take pride in having some of the best documentary directors, cinematographers, producers, camera-persons and editors with years of experience in the industry. We also embark on continuous training of our staff to ensure quality products to our clients.

We aspires to be turn-key film and video production company by keeping abreast with the latest equipment's and techniques to give the clients excellent, creative and quality audio-visual products, at very competitive rates. We take pride and we are keen to protect our corporate image and that of our client, through international quality services.

what others say:

Miriam Sidibe Global Social Mission Director, Lifebuoy Unilever

Unilever Kenya's brand and Lifebuoy have worked with Take2- Afrika Media Ltd in the production of documentaries and Television Commercials. We are highly esteemed to commend Take2-Afrika Media Ltd for their timely delivery of high quality material, not to mention their expert advice and support.

Laura Matz -Director of Marketing and Sales Perkins Products, Perkins School for the Blind

Perkins Products utilized the services of Take2-Afrika Media to create a compelling documentary, to help 'unlock literacy for life' for children with visual impairment. The entire team of T-TAM more than rose to the task, creating a wonderful story about a girl called Marion and the founding accomplishments of KBT. The production was on time, beautifully edited and Take2Afrika were easy to work with in making the small changes that we asked for. Our entire team was very, very pleased with the result - a great group to work with.

Jacob Vreugdenhil Across-Sudan

"Working with Take-2-Afrika Media Ltd to produce documentaries has been a good and enriching experience for us. There was real partnership in developing the scripts, a lot of flexibility during the filming-phase in South Sudan and a good deal of creativity while producing the documentary. Their experience and excellent people skills brought a lot of joy and fun to the project,for us as well as those being interviewed and documented. The professional end product does just want we wanted it to do as we discovered: film is powerful!"

Patrick Reed: Producer/Director-White Pine Pictures

Levitt is someone very organized,competent and dedicated,capable of bridging "worlds"--such as Africa and the west. Always an important consideration in projects/partnerships such as yours, and was equally comfortable and competent in both worlds. Again from the perspective of character, dedication, and professionalism I have only the best things to say about Levitt, and personally hope to work more closely with him in the future.

Sofia De fay Film director-Dubai

Take2-Media Provided a bouquet of excellent services to the highest of international standards. Our filming required the crew access the refugee camp of Dadaab for a few days. It was a drama documentary requiring Somalian cast and it was to be filmed in a dangerous area, with limited accommodation and resources with the continuous threat of Al Shabaab militants. The crew flew in from Dubai to film in Dadaab Camp at very short notice and Take2 sorted everything from shooting permits, access to the camp, transport, security, Somalia translators, accommodation and cast within less than 2 days. Several other production houses in Kenya turned this project down and said it was impossible within this time frame.

Alex Njungua Coordinator, East and South Africa Kilimanjaro Blind Trust

Take2-Afrika Media is a creative, hardworking and a professional firm in all their undertakings. We worked within a very limited budget time limit; and they were able to produce a high quality and beautiful documentary for us. We therefore give our approval of best assured quality in engaging the expertise of Take2-Afrika Media in any of your forthcoming projects.

Alimata Abdul Executive Director African Union For The Blind (AFUB)

We applaud you guys as imaginative, industrious, supportive and professional in your endeavors. Within our limited budget and time schedule, Take2-Afrika Media Ltd filmed and produced for us our first ever audio visual documentary to be used as a tool to sensitize the public. We therefore reserve no remarks for your organization to engage in their expertise in any of your audio visual projects.

Cathy Sampson Board of Directors Kipepeo Design Projects

Working with TAKE-2 Afrika Media Ltd as an artistic and professional team is a delight! Professionalism and reliability was faultless with everything completed to a very high standard within the contracted time frame. Very consultative and sought to fully understand what we were endeavoring to do with our documentary. They were personally very supportive of the project were seeking to document and captured imagery that vividly portrayed the plight of the women in the Kibera project with a sympathy and compassion. I highly recommend T-TAM for any future projects.

Scott Desborough Comic relief -London.

We have worked several times with Take2-Afrika in Nairobi as a fixer on both filming trips and general project visits. They know our projects and the users very well and has also looked after quite a few of our artists including Lenny and suits our type of trip very well, so we've stuck with them.

Tim Coreth Exmed -UK

"I strongly recommend the use of of Take2-Afrika Media under the leadership of Levitt, in the support role for future tasks, he proved to be excellent on all aspects and was a pleasure to work with."

Juliette Page Comic Relief- London

"Brilliant and thank you so much... Can I just take the chance to say it has been a pleasure doing business with you. You are the first fixer I have ever worked with that is so quick to respond. Sometimes our pace in the U.K. is too fast, ours is sometimes a culture of "everything has to be immediate", far from the ideal, but also a reality, you made us feel special".

our work

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We are a one-stop-shop for all documentary films, we offer the following services;

pre-production services:

Creating a pitch:

post-production services:

State-of-the-art post-production suites on Final Cut Pro7, X,
Adobe Premiere cc 2015
After effects & Maya
Color correction and Grading
2D & 3D Animations
Motion graphics

green screen studio filming:

With the emerging changes in filming technologies, green screen has become much effective and beneficial.
Some of the benefits of using a green screen that we offer our clients are: Flexibility
Save Time
Extended Usability

fixing services:

Licenses & Permits
Recruitment of crew
Location scouting
Camera Operation
Production Co-ordination.


We produce and film all genre of documentaries to final edits.
Super HD Cameras kits(2K, 4.6k & 6k)
All range of lenses
Latest location sound kit
Location & Studio Lighting
Back up generator
Cranes & Drones

training for development.

We train the local communities where necessary on how to use video production as a tool for communication, sustainable development and behavioral change.

youth mentor-ship program:

  • Take2-Afrika Media Ltd has identified a mentor-ship needs among the youth. We have therefore started a program known as FANAKA FILM MENTORSHIP PROGRAM, with a mission to ensure the interested and self-motivated youth, acquire necessary practical skills in film-making. This is done on a 1-on-1 basis.
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